Government has adopted laws that are low wages and pensions

Government adopted a bill that are low wages, pensions and other social benefits of public sector, for which the Government will incur liability in Parliament

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Romanians prefer to repaint old car than buy one nine

Automotive paint sales increased last year due to the increasing number of cars in the service for painting, after the car market fell by 53%, with only 130,000 cars sold, returning to 2003 levels.

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Bucharesters spend money at the mall quarter consumer

Recorded annual sales of shopping centers in Bucharest are estimated at around one billion euros, or one quarter of the consumer goods market in the capital, ZF is clear from the data analyzed, taking into account the statistical information.

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Top recruiting firms: how recruiters make money when employers give people outside

Some of the biggest players in the local business recruitment were higher by 17% last year, while others have lost 30% of revenue. Those who have been growing aggressively developed staffing and customers have kept close recruitment divisions being less in all companies in the market.

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Eurozone debt crisis adds uncertainty to the U.S. economic outlook

Eurozone debt crisis adds uncertainty to the U.S. economic outlook, but has no significant impact to influence the central bank's policy on interest, according to officials of the Federal Reserve (Fed).

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Liberals, extremely unhappy that the PSD said that blame for the crisis has flat

Liberal spokesman, Mihai Voicu, said Monday that the Liberals maintain their decision to vote a motion of censure of the PSD, noting that they are "extremely dissatisfied" with the idea that PSD says that, essentially, the main culprit for the situation economic country has flat tax.

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JPMorgan Lehman administrators accused of illegally withdrawing more than one billion dollars

Lehman administrators have appealed against JPMorgan Chase, accusing it of illegally withdrawn from the bankrupt bank assets worth several billion dollars a few days before it collapsed.

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EXCLUSIVE: Government will fall in 2011, reduced spending this year

Reduction of salaries and pensions will be applied later this year, but from 1 January 2011 the Government will apply social policies and personnel to ensure compliance with the spending level resulted from decreases made this year.

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EXCLUSIVE: Payment of wages is a relative right which may be limited to overcome the instability

Right to employment, including salary, is mentioned in the Constitution, but is a relative right which may be limited to avoid "imminent" economic instability of the country, directly related to national security, is the argument the Government to reduce costs.

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Videanu was decided that corporate budgets to be reapproved by the Government National

Economy Minister Videanu said Thursday in a press conference, he decided that the budgets of all national companies to be reapproved by the Government, "at this, from company to company, the government will make decisions" .

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Ministry of Economy will give part of its participation in nuclear reactors 3 and 4

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy Tudor Serban said Thursday that the institution has decided to reduce its shareholding in the joint venture that will build reactors 3 and 4 at Cernavoda, currently at 51%.

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EXCLUSIVE: wage reduction will be applied to employees NBR, NSC, CSSPP and CSA

25% wage reduction will be applied for the central bank employees, the National Securities Commission of Private Pension System Supervision and the Insurance Supervisory Commission, under the draft law on reducing costs.

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EC: Automakers can not require that repairs be made only car repair shops approved

Auto manufacturers can no longer claim that the repair machinery to be performed only by authorized service networks, according to changes imposed by the European Commission (EC) into European law in the agreements between car manufacturers and authorized dealers.

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Videanu and agriculture should be taxed

Economy Minister Videanu said Thursday at a press conference, it is against raising taxes, but that should increase the tax base, noting that "and agriculture should be taxed".

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Apple has surpassed Microsoft

Apple climbed to first place among the most valuable U.S. technology companies, in terms of market capitalization, ahead of Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal.

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